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In the modern digital world, it is critical that a business has a professional and properly functioning website. A website is a central source of information and should be linked back to from all other marketing and advertising efforts to ensure a holistic experience. 

Whether you are a startup carpenter looking to gain your first client, or you are an e-commerce business that ships worldwide, it is important to provide your customers with a website that is easy to navigate, incorporates all the information they need and provides a value adding service. Once done right, website visitors that our searching the web for your product or service, will quickly become potential leads and ideally be converted to full paying customers. 

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Web Design & Development FAQ's

What is involved in a web design project?

In order to design and develop a website that is powerful, targeted and specific to your business, we follow 6 key development stages:

  • Onboarding
  • Initial Design 
  • Development
  • In-House Testing
  • Client Revision
  • Launch
How much does a website cost in Australia?

In general, the cost of a website can vary from one creative studio to another and even more so between freelances. Unfortunately there is no set fee or recommended retail price on a custom build website, it really comes down to your unique needs and the quality of website being build. 

To give a good idea, all custom built websites start at $1200 for a single page website, $2400 for a 3 page website and $3000 for a 5 page website.

What is the average cost of a 5 page website?

A good quality custom built 5 page website will generally cost between $2000 and $5000 Australian Dollars (AUD) depending on your specific needs. 

Our custom 5 page websites start at $3000 AUD with a range of optional extra that may be included.

Can I build my own website?
How long does it take to build a website?
How many pages is considered a "standard" website?
Are one-page websites a good idea?
How much does a simple one-page website cost?
What is a Google Business Profile?
What business email service should I use?

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Please complete the following form. Once received, we will either provide you with a quote via email (if you are requiring a simple website build) or alternatively, one of our team members will give you a call to discuss your website requirements in a bit more detail.