Vehicle Wrap Design

From Startups To Fleets

Whether you are just starting up as a sole trader and wanting to get some simple logos on your vehicles doors or you are a fleet looking to ensure all of your vehicles are branded consistently, we can assist you in making that vision a reality. 

We have loads of experience in vehicle signage design and can assist with the following design requirements:

Our Process


Once you enquire, we will ask some questions to get to know your brand and understand exactly what your vision is / what you are looking to achieve. We will then provide a quote on all work required.

We'll get designing!

Once your project has been confirmed and a deposit paid, we will get to work on bringing your vision to life according to your design brief.

Provide our design files to your vehicle wrap provider

Once your designs have been approved, we will finalise them and place them all into a zip folder. This folder will contain both design proofs along with design files that your local signage shop can use to print and install your new vehicle signage.

Note: We do have preferred suppliers in some locations for production and installation. Please select this option when enquiring in order for our team to provide the details of our preferred partners.

Vehicle Wrap Design FAQ's

How many concepts do i get with my vehicle wrap design?

Generally all of our graphic design projects include 2 initial concepts and up to 2 rounds of revisions to ensure we capture your vision. 

This being said, if the project includes design for an entire fleet across multiple vehicles, additional concepts may be included. Any additional design concepts will be outline in a project proposal prior to commencement. 

Does Newy Design Co install the wrap once designed?

No, we do not install any wraps as we are a design agency. This being said, we have had many years of experience in the industry of vehicle wraps and have a lot of preferred installers in most Australian major cities. 

If you already have a signage installer that you would like to use, we can produce design files for them to print and install. 

If you do not currently have a preferred vehicle wrap installer, our team will provide you with a list of our preferred installers upon completion of your project. 

How much does it cost for a vehicle wrap design?

Vehicle signage usually includes a large spectrum of variables and it really comes down to the design coverage that you are requiring. A small car full wrap is going to be a less than say a high roof van wrap for example. 

We recommend first establishing what kind of coverage you would like on your vehicle wrap / vehicle signage, whether that may be simple door logos and a one way vision print for your rear window, or a full colour change wrap or digitally printed full wrap. From there, we can design you a few concepts and you can get quotes based on the concepts. 

Is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

Once again, this really depends on the level of coverage. If we were comparing a full wrap on a small car to a closed door paint job on a small car, they will be pretty comparable. This being said, the added benefit of vehicle wraps is they are able to be changed easily should you complete a rebrand or undergo major changes to your business and its offerings. 

Can i install vehicle signage myself?

Vehicle wrapping is a specialist job and requires lots of training, material knowledge and a range of specialist tools in order to obtain great results. We always advise our clients to seek professional installation when it comes to vehicle signage as it can be quite expensive and if issues or problems occur, you may be up for quite a big loss.

Ready to transform your vehicle or fleet?

If you think Newy Design Co is a good fit for your business, please complete this contact form and our team will be in touch to discuss our vehicle signage design options and provide you with detailed pricing based on your requirements.