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Screen Printed Apparel


Screen printing is a traditional method of decorating and has been tried and tested for hundreds of years. Whilst the method has not changed much, the technology has and it shows in the results we get. We utilise both manual and automatic print presses so no job is too big or small.

Plastisol Inks – Most Popular
Using this method will have the ink sit on top of the garment, allowing for popping colours and outstanding durability.

Water Based Inks
Designed for light coloured garments, this method will not only give you a softer finish, but you will be doing your part for the environment also.

Metallic / Shimmer Inks
Utilising shimmer inks, we will be able to achieve a metallic finish, ensuring your design pops. This process is only available in gold & silver.

Puff Prints / 3D Prints (Min: 30 Units)
Printed with an ink that incorporates a heat activated rising agent, your prints will be screened flat and once it passes through the drying unit, the ink will rise giving you a 3D / Puff finish. 

Four Colour Process
Utilising the CMYK four colour process will enable you to produce a simulation of a photographic print with the durability that screen printing has to offer. 

As this is a much more complex process with many setup fees, we highly recommend a minimum order quantity of 100+ units to ensure the project is affordable and efficient.

Screen Printed Apparel

Screen Printing FAQ's

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Due to screen printing involving a large setup process, screen alignments on our presses and the cleaning of all screens, we require a minimum of 30 units for most finishes. Special finishes or specific processes may require a minimum order of 50 or 100 units. 

This being said, the minimum order requirement can be split across multiple garment types, as long as the print is identical.
E.g. Same design on black singlets, hoodies and t-shirts.

Whilst we advise our minimum requirements, we can print less than the minimum however your order will be charged at our minimum rate, resulting in the per piece price being a lot more.

How long does my branded apparel take to produce?

For screen printing projects, we always try our best to turn around your order as fast as possible. On average, most orders are processed and dispatched within 10-15 business days. 

Do you offer quicker turnarounds?

We don’t live in a perfect world and we are well aware of this. If you have a print requirement that pops up last minute, in most cases we should be able to fit it in however it will result in a rush fee being applied to your order. Generally speaking, our rush fee is 30% of the total order amount however this could change depending on how quickly you require the finished product. 

Please contact us if you have an urgent request and we will assess the requirement and advise a price if we can get it turned around within your time frame. 

How long will you keep my screens for re-orders?

We keep screens for re-order for a total of four months (from the last time of use).

Whilst you will still be charged a setup fee for your re-0rder, if we are using the same screens you will be charged significantly less than a new design. This is to cover the costs of setting up our print press and aligning your project.

Since we continually require new blank screens for new orders, if your screen has not been used for 4 months, our team will reclaim your screen and it will be used on a different project.

How do i wash my screen printed apparel?

Our garments provided should always be washed according to the care labels attached to the garment. 

If you are unsure, we always recommend cold washing and drying in a shade covered area (avoid tumble drying). 

Washing and ironing should always be done inside out to protect the print. Do not iron the printed side of the garment.

Are your screen printing inks environmentally friendly?

All inks we use are safe for general wear use and non-toxic.

Our water based inks are graded as environmentally friendly are are very safe for use on youth, kids and baby garments.

Can i order if i am interstate?

Of course!

We utilise a range of shipping providers to ensure the most efficient delivery of your finished product. 

Generally shipping interstate required 2-4 business days depending on where it is going. 

Please contact our team to discuss shipping rates to your location.

What type of artwork file do you require for screen printing?

If possible, vector files are always best as they provide the highest level of quality and are the easiest to work with. These types of files are generally created in projects such as Adobe Illustartor or CorelDRAW and supplied in ai, cdr, eps or pdf file formats. 

If the artwork is pixel based/bitmap (photographic images/hand drawn illustrations, etc.) we can take high resolution files, saved at any format (PSD and PDF are preferred). In this case, the artwork should be set at 300dpi and to the same size you want the image to be printed at.

Is graphic design included in my screen printing order?

Depending on your requirements, we can either print using your supplied files or our inhouse design team can assist with any design requirements. 

All graphic design projects are quoted accordingly so please reach out and discuss your project with our team so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Can I supply my own garments for screen printing?

In order to provide you with the best possible service and end result, we do prefer to source the garments for you.

We utilise industry partnerships with leading garment suppliers, which allows us to provide the best possible pricing.

Good quality print starts with a good fabric to sit upon.
We’ve spent a good amount of time trying and testing our supplier’s products to make sure you’ll be happy with our work – from our basic budget tee to the premium product range.

If you still want us to print on your own garments, please be advised that we cannot guarantee the quality of the prints or be held liable for damaged goods that may occur, as each fabric reacts differently to the printing process. If we’ve never printed on a particular garment that you have, we’ll ask you to provide a sample for us to run a test on.

Unless you supply BYO regularly to the point that we’re familiar with your products, our BYO minimum run is 50+ prints, and a BYO surcharge may apply.

Please make sure all pre supplied garments are unpacked, cleared of any stickers and swing tags (if attached) and ready for printing. We charge an unpacking fee for garments that require us to spend time preparing them for printing.

What are your payment terms for screen printing orders?

All screen printing orders require 100% payment in full prior to ordering your blank garments in. 

Payment can be made via bank transfer, cash or card. All card payments are processed through our merchant facilities which may incur additional processing fees.


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